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The New Paradigm of Stress.

 According to Hanse Selye the father of stress theory, stress is defined as "Our body’s response to any demand upon it."

Most experts if not all in this field are recognizing this theory as true, and they see the stress as our reaction to any stimuli coming from the environment. Nobody at least that I know of, ever started to challenge this theory, to see if it still stands to any present tests.

The main reason that I decide to challenge this theory is, that I could just not believe that stress is our response to any demand. Didn’t make any sense to me. If any demand produces stress it means that we were designed to be continuously affected negative  by our interaction with the environment. And I could not accept this kind of idea. The confusion I think is made by the specialists in stress is between the word Stress and the word Awareness, or Emotion.

The idea that stress is the response to any demand might be true when it is applied to things. The reason is that, if you keep stressing a piece of material, this becomes weaker and weaker and eventually will break down. But, when we talk about humans with the ability to consciously understand the environment, when we go through a process of change, the level of emotional awareness changes because we perceive and understand the change.

If the change is toward something that produces us pleasure, we accept the change and feel good about it. On the other hand, when the change produces pain we tend to reject it, due to the fact that we are built with a protective mechanism that keeps us away from anything that might cause us harm. Also, we were equipped with the ability to choose what meaning we give to our environment or situations we might go through.

When we do it properly our life develops normal. But, when unconsciously we give a wrong meaning to the environment or to the situations we go through, we have to pay the consequences of our mistakes. In other words this might result in us getting stressed. 

If we take a closer look around us, we can see that in our environment we are surrounded by a large variety of forms of life, objects and things. We can safely say that we perceive their existence in different forms such as simple energy forms, in gases forms, liquids forms and finally solids forms.  When it comes to live forms of life, their basic living unit is the cell.

Aggregates of many different cells held together by intracellular supporting structures form molecules. Aggregates of molecules form an organ. Aggregates of organs form a body. All the live forms are made of a combination of different energy forms, gases, liquids and solids. Each form has its unique characteristics that differ from one form to another.

For example: We take a plant, an animal and a human being. What do you think is going to happen or would be their reactions if lets say for a period of 3 months continuously we “stress” each of them? In other words we continuously create a “stressful environment”  by subjecting them to, let's say high winds, rain and lower temperatures. What are we going to find out at the end of our experiment? Well, all depends on their abilities to cope with the stressful environment.

The plant for example, not being able to move, but stays in one place, will resist the stressful environment based on its strength. Once overstressed, most probably will die, not being able to protect itself or to get away from it.

The animal on the other hand, being a life form that is able to move from one place to another, under stress, right the way will be looking to find a way out, by instinctively trying to protect himself. Still, its protective reactions will limited to the abilities that the animal posses.

Now, when it comes to the human being, the same environment will present much less difficulties, because being equipped with superior abilities, he can understand the reasons for the stressful environment, and not only that, but he also can find a way to protect himself by being creative in finding a corresponding refuge for the stressful situation. But also, by using a wrong reasoning and focusing on the negativity of the situation, he could make his situation worst than it actually really is. 

 As human beings we are designed to be able to understand and define our environment, and even more then that, through our free will we could give them a specific meaning, positive or negative. So, in other words we have the saying when it comes to evaluate the environment. What we are not aware of, is we have the ability to change the meaning we give to our environment, and what we feel about it is based on our own interpretation, not of the reality itself.

When we perceive it as negative, our body is going to feel the results of our interpretation as negative emotions. On the other hand, when we perceive it as positive, our body is going to feel the results of our interpretation as positive emotions.

Becoming aware of these important facts, we cannot afford any longer to accept the idea that stress is our body reaction to any demand upon it. This is still true when it comes to unconscious things and objects, or even inferior life forms, but not to us as human beings equipped with free will to identify, accept or reject and define negative or positive any demand upon us.    

  Imagine that you have a car, and you learned to drive from some friends or some of your relatives. Because of that, you formed some driving habits by following what you saw them doing. One of the habits is that anytime you go through a kind of negative or difficult situation, you pull a little bit the emergency brake.

In the beginning, nothing happens with the car. But after a while because little by little you keep pulling the emergency brake, you start realizing that the engine has less power than before. The transmission seems like it might be slipping and hardly shifting. The brakes are getting hotter than normal. The grease on the wheel bearings starts melting down because of excessive heat. In other words the health of the car starts to deteriorate little by little.

Becoming aware of this, you start to do what you saw others doing. You learn how to manage better your car. You start using oil treatment for the engine, special transmission oil for better friction. Then you keep replacing the brake pads that are getting worn out faster than normal. Also you pay attention to grease many times the wheel bearing because the grease keep melting and the bearings are in danger of breaking down.

Even though you do your best on managing your car, its health is still of your concern. There should be a better solution to deal with this kind of problem. But where a better solution might be found? Everybody does the same thing.

Now, what’s the real problem here? Is the special oil treatment not efficient enough? Or you don’t change the brake pads often enough? Or maybe you should use higher-grade grease for the wheel bearings? Well, you could improve all these, but the problem still remains. Why? Because looking to manage the situation, the best you can do is to improve the management of it. Then what’s the solution?

Well, the best and lasting way to deal with this is to find out what’s the source of all these problems. Eliminate the source and all the symptoms will disappear by themselves. But to do that, we need to focus our attention into a totally different area. From the area of many and sophisticated products used for stress management, to the area of personal behavior. We need to learn and understand the difference between good driving habits and not so good or even bad driving habits. To understand the side effects some driving behaviors have on the health of the car. By doing that we realize that we become responsible for its health.

It’s not the quality of the oil, or the brake pads or the grease, but it’s the quality of our driving habits that really could solve the health problems of our car. I think that this example could bring a little light to our subject of dealing with stress. We can focus all our attention on how to better manage stress, but still we would live a stressful life.

We need to change our focus into a different area: that of our personal behavior. Why? Because as we are going to find out from this book, through our unhealthy habits, we are the creators of our stressful environment

That being the case, we are also the ones capable of solving this impossible task. You may have heard the definition of insanity: "Doing the same old thing and expecting different results."

Well if it didn’t work in other areas of life, it won’t work when it comes to solving the problem of stress either. Therefore, in order to get different results we are going to do something different then stress management.

We are going to learn how to eliminate this problem, not just manage it, hoping that eventually will go away. Now by understanding what the roots of the problems of stress are, we become able to solve the so called impossible. So, as we mentioned already, we get stressed only when we give a negative or wrong meaning to the environment. That being the case, we can safely say that:  

"Stress is our body reaction to any demand that we perceive as negative or stressful"


The New breakthrough in stress research done by the author clearly shows that there is a definite and easy solution for eliminating stress, not only managing it.  By finding a permanent solution for the stress that is the root of all these symptoms, then with one product we can solve all the problems caused by them.

The new book is going to revolutionize the old way of dealing with stress by creating a new trend in area of stress, which soon will be accepted and followed by others. 

Like refreshing rains over a dry land the book: "The Secrets of eliminating stress forever your Journey from Slavery to Freedom" could not be timelier.  

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