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Entrepreneur, Writer, Researcher in human behavior and a few major Sciences. Author of two unique books.
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New, exciting, unbelievable breakthrough in Stress research. Discover the SECRETS of living a stress free life.

YES, you too could get back in your life the joy, happiness and peace of mind that's missing for so long, by learning the Secrets of Eliminating Stress forever.
No more stress management. Learn the Amazing Secrets of how you could ELIMINATE  stress forever from your life.

Revolutionary Secrets of a new way of thinking teaches you a better reality.

Special Report "Network Marketing at Quantum Speed."

According to Jim Rohn an icon in self development field, formal education will make us a living, but self education could make us a Fortune. This Special Report takes the reader into a journey of discovery how anyone serious enough could self educate and become successful in life. It is based on the ideas developed from the new and soon coming book: "Quantum Marketing."

Also coming soon:

"Quantum Marketing"

Conventional marketing is based on an old Paradigm of thinking whose foundation is based on competition. Quantum Marketing is a new concept where just as the relatively new Science of Quantum Physics is based on the collaboration and interrelationships between their  components, so is in Network marketing. The new Paradigm help us understand that self development, cooperation and collaboration are the major pillars of a successful Company and their representatives.  

"You don't need diet to lose weight, your body the best adviser."

Does the word overweight sound familiar and want a realistic and permanent solution for it? Nobody knows you better than your own body. It's composed of about 100 trillion cells which are doing a pretty good job keeping you alive and pretty healthy during your life.

Allowed to get back to its original default setting, your body is going to be able to advise you what's best for you regarding the amount and kind of food you need to eat in order to maintain it in best health condition.

The Book: "You don't need diet to lose weight, your body the best adviser" will help you understand the role and specific laws and regulations that govern the proper function of your metabolism and its relationship to the rest of your body. Also will help you retrain your body's metabolism to function based on its original default settings, thus your own body become your best friend and adviser when it comes to the kind and amount of food you need to maintain a healthy body. Pretty soon this Unique New Book  will be available to the public.

"Love the most misunderstood word, why love turns to hate."

Did you ever see or feel a dramatic transformation from love to hate coming from somebody close to you and wonder how this was possible? Is there a way to understand why such things happen and do something about it? Yes it is.

The Book: "Love the most misunderstood word, why love turns to hate" will share the idea of what love really is, why is so misunderstood and how we could continue keep loving, so love will never turn to hate. Pretty son this Unique New Book will be available to the public.

"The Secrets of human existence, unveiling the past and revealing the future."

Would you be interested to know the truth about life's origins, and what the future will bring for you and your dear ones? Where life really came from? Why are so many people believes in Religious interpretation of reality?

How much could we trust science to lead us the truth about human existence? Are we alone in the Universe? Or do we have a great number of neighbors? Why there is so much pain and suffering on earth since the beginning of history?

The Book: "The secrets of human existence unveiling the past and revealing the future" will answer all these and many other questions that were unanswered until now. Pretty soon, this Unique New Book  will be available to the public.


C. I. Parhon

(1874- 1969)

More than half a century ago, the Romanian Endocrinologist scientist of world reputation, professor at the University of Bucharest, Doctor C. I. Parhon was the founder of the Romanian School of Endocrinology and one of the science founders in the world.  He made fundamental contributions to the process of endocrinology, and in 1909 co­author with M. Goldstein the first book on endocrinology "Internal Secretions" ever written in the world. Among his main works:

"Handbook of Endocrinology" written together with M.Goldstein and St. M. Milcu

(3 volumes, 1945-1949)

"Old Age and its Treatment" (1948)

"The Age Biology" (1955)

"Selected Works" (5 volumes, 1954-1962)

Between 1947-1952, C. I. Parhon was elected the first Head of State of Romania, post W.W.ll. After 1952 he left politics and dedicated his life to scientific research.

Now, thousands of miles away from his native country, one of Dr. C.I. Parhon's relative again is making history by bringing for the first time in the world a solution to one of the "Greatest Plagues" that humans are facing today.  A permanent solution for the cruel and merciless negatives effects of stress.  He defines a new theory of stress, and with it a new message of hope and freedom from the savage bondage of stress.

Born in Eastern Europe, (Romania) from, his childhood he had to deal with many challenges from which he had many important lessons to learn.  Though he came from a modest family, with limited financial possibilities, he always remember himself as a person interested in acquiring knowledge and wisdom.  For some reason, he had this inner thirst to know more and more, and to appreciate the value of knowledge, in special accurate knowledge.

In 1984, he left Europe, and came to America, with the same hope that was burning in the hearts of millions of eastern Europeans, to find a better life.  Leaving one kind of problems, and challenges behind, he had to face different ones here.  And, because they were new for him, he  had to learn how to deal with them also.  One of the most painful challenge to deal with was stress.  He had no idea that the notion of stress is used in the medical domain.  He knew about stress since he was in high-school, but only as a technical word, he was not aware of the fact that here in America, stress is seen as the root of most medical problems that people have to deal with. 

Being used to facing challenges and overcoming them, he became preoccupied with this subject, knowing that the most suitable person to deal with his high level of stress was himself.  He was familiar with an old saying: "Give a command, and then do it yourself, if you want it to be done properly." So, he started to gather information in this area from most prestigious and well-known specialists in this field, knowing that the best way to accomplish something fast is to learn from the professionals.  This is what he has done.  Soon he realized that he is facing a new challenge: the top professionals in stress believe there is no cure for it, an idea that he just could not accept.  He always knew that, for everything he does, he is responsible.  Stress is the result of a specific kind of behavior, and behaviors could be changed.  Honestly he could not accept the theory of stress as being realistic.  So, he challenged himself to find the answer to this world-wide problem.  He agreed with the saying of Doug Larson:

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible"

And after countless hours of personal studies, little by little he started to realize that stress is not an invincible enemy that was to control and affect people's life forever in a negative way. Pretty soon he started to understand what stress really is, how it works, and also how it could be eliminated.  Once he understood that, he tested on himself, to see if it was going to work.  And it did very well.  Realizing the importance of a discovery like this, he felt in his duty to write these books and make it known to everybody who might be interested in a permanent solution for stress.

The major problem in dealing with stress today, is that since the present theory has been accepted as truth more than seventy years ago, most, if not all the professionals in this field, are not looking to challenge it, but to find a way to manage it, or get the best out of it.  And of course that if they believe that there is no cure for stress, they won't look for a solution for eliminating it. But, if somebody will start to challenge this theory, he might be surprised to find out that it will not stand anymore to the latest tests.  

By reading the information contained in his books, you have the chance to prove to yourself that whatever he is writing is true, and by understanding and applying this simple information, the life that you improve is yours, and that of those whom you do love.

For more than eighteen years Mr. Limbasan has been doing research in a few major sciences from the most prominent and experienced professionals in these fields.

In the last five years, Mr. Limbasan has been also doing research in Network Marketing and became a Portfolio Minded Entrepreneur. As result he wrote a Special Report: "Marketing at Quantum Speed." and soon will finish the new book: "Quantum Marketing."


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